Private Mole Removal & Skin Tag Removal

Dr. Kim is the North East’s leading specialist surgeon in mole removal, skin tag removal, skin cancer and melanoma. Moles, cysts, lesions and skin tag removals are outpatient procedures that can be safely performed in clinics.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Kim will closely examine the area of concern using a dermatoscope and provide treatment options.

Suspicious moles always require analysis under the microscope once they are removed. Benign lesions or early skin cancers maybe amenable to cryotherapy or topical creams. If a small and shallow Basal Cell Carcinoma is suspected, then a special cream may be all that is required. Thicker Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma skin cancers are more likely to require excision.

A skin biopsy is a routine procedure that permits diagnosis of skin conditions. It can also be used as a treatment to remove some abnormalities, such as moles. A biopsy is where a small sample of skin is removed under local anaesthetic in order for it to be looked at under the microscope. Local anaesthetic is a medication that numbs the specific area of the body so it is pain free, but does not put you to sleep. There are no alternatives to this procedure; it is the only way to get the information needed to make a correct diagnosis.

The whole procedure is usually completed within 30 minutes – dependent on how many moles, cysts, skin tags or lesions that needs to be removed. After your treatment you will be free to go home. Sometimes it is not possible to simply suture the excision wound closed. For example, the lesion may be too large or it might be in an area that does not have very much loose skin. In these cases, plastic surgery techniques are required to close the wound to allow healing. This usually involves moving the local skin around in such a way as to allow closure and may require borrowing skin from somewhere else on the body (skin graft).

Mole check –  analysis and surveillance

All suspicious lesions will be carefully examined using a dermatoscope; you will also have a full body skin and mole review, and will be examined for regional lymph node (glands) spread and distant spread (metastasis).

Appropriate tests and management plan will be formulated.

Dr. Kim offers mole removal procedures throughout Durham, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Stockton. Feel free to get in touch on 07933 239554.