Thigh lift (thigh reduction)

A thigh lift is a procedure which lifts and tightens the loose skin of thighs – however it does so mostly on the skin of the inner thigh region and therefore does not lift the front or back of the thigh. Sagging of the outer thighs and buttock regions is usually treated by way of a body lift which is a much larger operation, and usually is associated with a scar right around the entire circumference of your body at the level of your waist. Unlike liposuction that only reduces the unwanted fat, a thigh lift will also remove the excess skin and therefore tighten the inner aspect of the thighs.

The benefits of surgery:

  • Help create a more proportionate figure and hence make clothes buying much more enjoyable.
  • To be able to wear clothes that are more figure revealing and the ability to wear a greater variety of clothes.
  • To feel more youthful and improve the appearance of the skin.
  • To improve the body contour when seen through tight fitting clothes.
  • Wear swimwear and go swimming.

Thigh lift surgery usually requires an overnight stay in hospital as it is performed under general anaesthetic and takes between two and three hours to complete. An incision around the top of the thigh (near the groin) is made before pulling the excess skin upwards, stitching it into its new position and trimming the excess. The result is smooth thighs that show the results of your weight loss and give you the confidence to wear summer clothing, swimwear and underwear proudly.