Rhinoplasty Durham

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is a procedure that is carried out to re-shape the nose and the area that needs re-shaping depends on the type of rhinoplasty that will be carried out. Dr. Kim offers a professional rhinoplasty service to patients throughout Durham and the surrounding areas.

We fully understand that being conscious of your appearance can have a negative effect on your life and surgery has been known to help improve your confidence over your appearance. As well as a confidence boost, rhinoplasty surgery has other benefits such as:

  • Improving the appearance and proportion of your nose.
  • Reducing the projection and prominence of the nose.
  • Improve facial appearance with a dorsal hump reduction.
  • Correct an injury.
  • Enhance your facial harmony.

Nose reshaping surgery is a very common procedure, whether you are looking to increase or decrease the size of the nose. If you have breathing difficulties a rhinoplasty procedure can often rectify this. The shape of the tip of the nose, the bridge and the nostrils can all be altered as well as the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

There are various types of nose reshaping operations and the exact procedure will be dependent on what result you are wanting to get from the operation. The two main techniques used are open and closed, an open rhinoplasty procedure means that some or all the cuts are made outside of the nose and closed means all the cuts are made inside the nose. These two techniques are the most regular procedures carried out by Dr. Kim on his Durham based patients.

A rhinoplasty procedure normally will involve separating the soft tissue that lies on top of the nose from the bone and cartilage that is underneath. Depending on the operation the surgeon may need to break the nose to reposition it and to reshape the cartilage. A nose job procedure will normally take around two hours and after the operation you will need to wear a protective splint over your nose for the following couple of weeks.

If you are from Durham and you are interested in having a nose job make sure you book a consultation with Dr. Kim, one of the leading rhinoplasty surgeons in the area.