Liposuction Stockton

Liposuction remodelling as a treatment is a very effective way to remove fat to tone, contour and change the shape of your body. The results of the procedure will be long lasting as the fat that is removed will not be replaced by your body. The process of liposuction will not remove or fade stretch-marks and or cellulite and should not be used as a weight loss shortcut.


Benefits of the procedure:


  • Tone and increase definition of certain body areas.
  • Improve your appearance and self confidence.
  • Removes the fat permanently.
  • Long lasting results.


The treatment often takes between one and three hours and can be influenced by the amount of fat that is to be removed. The surgery can be carried out under local anaesthetic if the areas are small, however larger areas will need to be carried out under general anaesthetic and perhaps an overnight stay. A salt water solution is used to penetrate the targeted areas before a thin metal tube (cannula) is inserted into the body. A vacuum pump (liposuction) or a syringe (liposculpture) is used to suck the fat our via the cannula. This may need to be repeated numerous times to remove all the desired fat. The incisions that are made are not of a significant size, so they will heal by themselves without the need of stitches.

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