Liposuction Darlington

Liposuction remodeling is a great way to shape, tone and contour precise areas of your body. The fat that is permanently removed from these areas and will not be replaced by your body, this means that the results of the procedure are long-lasting. Please consider that having liposuction is not a shortcut to weight loss. Cellulite and or stretch marks will not be reduced or removed.


 Surgical benefits include:

  • Tone and contour specific areas of the body.
  • Improve overall appearance and boosts self- esteem.
  • Improves body shape.
  • Removes fat cells permanently.


The procedure typically takes from one to three hours, however this is dependent upon the amount of fat that is removed. For smaller desired areas of removal, the procedure can be conducted under local anaesthetic, but it will likely require general anaesthetic with the possibility of an overnight stay for monitoring. A salt water solution is permeated into the chosen areas to break up the fat before a thin metal tube (a cannula) is inserted. The cannula Is used to remove the fat by using a vacuum pump (liposuction) or a syringe (liposculpture). This may need to be repeated more than once to remove all of the desired fat. The incisions are only small, so they often do not need to be stitched and will naturally heal themselves.


If you require further information regarding Liposuction procedures in and around the area of Darlington please don’t hesitate to contact us.