Breast Enlargement Middlesbrough

A breast enlargement procedure is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery performed in the UK and Dr. Kim is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons within Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas carrying out routine breast augmentations. Whether you are undergoing the procedure for medical or cosmetic reasons Dr. Kim will go through all of your options with you and provide a full explanation of the surgery so you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

If you find that your confidence has been affected by the shape and size of your breast then breast enlargement surgery might be something worth considering, the benefits of breast enlargement surgery include:

  • An increase in the fullness and/or size of your breasts.
  • The asymmetry of your breasts can be improved through the use of different sized implants.
  • Can improve the appearance of sagging (please be aware that an extra breast uplift may be required if there is a considerable droop).
  • An increase in volume that may have been lost due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss.

A breast enlargement procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and takes between 60 to 90 minutes to complete. An incision will be made underneath the breast and the implant will be positioned appropriately. Once the implant has been put in to place the incision will be stitched up and covered with a dressing. Most of our patients find that they are able to return home on the day of their surgery as long as you are sure to take it easy.

Dr. Kim has been carrying out successful breast enlargement surgeries to patients in Middlesbrough for many years and boasts a vast amount of experience in the cosmetic surgery field. Please get in touch if you require any more information or would like to book in a consultation.